Employment Planning UI and Guide

Applied a customer-focused approach to craft UI strings, error messages, email notices, field help, and help content for a tool that helps HR professionals manage employee transitions.

Role: Technical Writer


Oracle NetSuite crafted a delightful user experience for HR professionals and their employees undergoing major work transitions.

The team worked together to refine an idea for a header and checklist page that links to dashboard reminders and email notifications features.


As the technical writer, I had to finalize the UI text for the employee fields and tasks on the checklist. For instance, I had to ensure that the wording is brief but covers various employee scenarios.

I also created a comprehensive help center guide, field help text, email notifications, and error messages to properly guide users and address potential issues.

In creating the guide, I had to meticulously plan the guide title and information architecture to ensure that the new sections fit seamlessly adjacent to guides for other employee-focused features.

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