Dashboard Application UI and Guide

Created the UI strings, release announcements, and help content for a dashboard that helps cloud ERP administrators monitor business operations and issues

Role: Technical Writer


Oracle NetSuite developed a straightforward performance dashboard that helps customers monitor the health of their NetSuite operations. Guided by an internal design system, the team developed a feature-filled page that serves as the starting point of an application performance management tool.

The team started with a dashboard prototype that captures the envisioned features. As the technical writer, I presented my comments on the existing design and how elements may affect usability.


Following an internal style guide, external research, and professional experience, I proposed an initial list of strings that best align with the dashboard tiles, columns, and tables.

I also revised proposed text that could pose issues, such as idiomatic expressions that can be hard to localize. The rest of the team reviewed the proposed strings then applied them.

While development was ongoing, I planned and drafted the release communications. Because the upcoming release was built on top of an existing version, I refined a content schedule that would inform users of upcoming changes at the right platforms and the right time.

Along with the release, I also delivered the help center guide for the dashboard. Creating the guide required careful redesign of the existing content information architecture of the application that houses the dashboard.

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