Commerce Application Management UI And Guide​

Led and managed cross-functional team collaboration to develop content experience that is consistent for users of multiple product domains

Role: Technical Writer


Oracle NetSuite developed two performance management features allowing administrators to monitor their commerce website and device performance.

To create these features, the team designed two different main dashboard pages, which both included charts and tile elements that should remain consistent and functional for administrators. 


The new features are closely linked to features in product domains owned by several other teams. As the technical writer, I initiated and maintained communications among writers, PMs, designers, and developers across different teams to ensure that the experience would match the expectations of existing users across different domains.

As the technical writer, I have to develop the UI strings for all the elements on both features, which include charts, tiles, tables, field help, error messages, and tooltips. I needed to maintain constant communication with other teams and writers to ensure that strings closely match existing features. This practice allowed the team to maintain a defined style that we can follow across the whole development.

Because the features cross multiple domains, creating the help center guides and release communications required ample planning and scheduling among multiple writers and development teams. I helped manage and coordinate release communications among the group to ensure that all potential users receive information tailored for their use at the right place and time.

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